Genius Hour

I am doing for my genius hour project vegan foods. What i have learned since last week is that vegan foods does not contain anything with animals and meat. There are also 16 million people in the U.S. that are vegan. This next week me and my partner are going to finally make the desserts. When we try the desserts we are going to which is better non vegan desserts or vegan desserts. Nicole and I have decided that we are going to Make chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow topping. Me and her are making then sometime this week hopefully we still have to figure out all of the ingredients to.  There are a lot of ingredients that we don’t usually use some of them I have never even heard of them. One of the ingredients that we usually don’t use that I would have to use in this vegan dessert is apple cider vinegar.


The best part about my trip was when I got to see wear they can play basketball run tack and play baseball and softball. It was my favorite because I just thought it was cool for some reason.  The thing that most surprised me was when we went into this room and we saw a whole bunch of dead animals. It surprised me because it was just a lot of animal to look at and stuff.  The most fun thing that we did was play a game outside. The game we played was u would pick a catagorie and throw this stuffed beaver around. If the beaver got thrown to you, you would have to name something from that catergorie and if you dropped the beaver you are out and if you count say anything about that catergorie you are also out. The worst thing about it was the ride home because it was so boring and a girl puked on the way there. I dont want to go live in those dorm rooms because we went in one and it was so small and it  looked really cramped in there and there is only a small place to walk.

Genius Hour are doing this class project and it is called genius hour. It is were we can research anything we want to learn about. Nicole my partner and I have chose to do vegan desserts. We just want to know if Vegan desserts taste better than regular desserts. Me and Nicole are gonna make some deserts and see witch one taste better.

I think this topic is important. It is important because if they both taste the same whats the point in having 2 with different ingredients. If there is two that taste the same then we should just eat the one that is healthy.

I have some goals that I would like to reach in the topic. One of my goals is to find out all of the ingredients to the vegan desserts. One other goal is to see what people think taste better regular or the vegan desserts. Then I think one other goal would be to find out if vegan desserts are really that healthy for you. To measure my goals I will research a lot.  I will take the desserts to school and find out witch people like more regular or vegan. I will look up how healthy regular desserts and vegan desserts are healthy and see witch is healthier.


My Spring Break

Today I am going to tell u what I did this whole entire spring break. This spring break I did a lot of stuff. I went to Washington D.C. with a lot of my friends. I went there because it was for a school school trip and a lot of people went. I went to a lot of places in D.C. that were educational. My favorite place we went to was the holocaust museum. It was my favorite because the topic interest me and it was really cool to walk around and read a lot of peoples story’s or what happen during that time. I also thought it was really cool to go to the top of the Washington monument. I also learned that the Washington monument is 555 feet high. There was a lot of other places i would say but there is a lot. Just one other place is the world war two wall. I thought it was cool because there was a lot of names of people on it. The people on there wall is people who fought in world war two. As you walked down the wall the bigger the wall got with more and more names.

Free stock photo of landmark, united states of america, tourists, washington monument


I have wrote 7 blogs and now this will be the 8th.  All of them were with school because the challenge was at are school. I have only got one comment overall. The post I have the most comments on is the hello world.  The post I enjoyed most writing was the food that is popular in the country because it was interesting to do. I have not changed blogs themes because I didn’t.

Is there anyone  who don’t like french fries one of the most popular foods in america is french fries. What makes french fries so popular is the flavor of the fat or salt.More than 2 million tons of French fries are eaten every year.Around seven per cent of the potatoes grown in the U.S. end up being sold by McDonald’s french fries are sold in restaurants each year. People all around the world eat french fries everyday and Americans are known for dunking french fries in ketchup and lots of other sauces. An average american eats 30 pounds of fries each year. Some fries ar not always used with a potato it cal be cooked or fried with sweet potato. All around the world people from around the world love French fries. They are really called French fries but not in France. In France French fries are not called French fries they re called frites. The name is also called that in non-French areas. When you eat French fries you are actually getting potassium. Without potassium you become tired throughout the day and have slower reflexes and have weaker mussels. But just because you get potassium doesn’t mean they are good for you because the risk of becoming overweight is increasing.




I visited Maryn’s blog she is 13 and it is about he grandpa and she used her text features well.

I visited Alexis’s blog  she is 13 and she is writing about food in america and what she did well is using the commas right.

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The basketball player

Once there was a kid who liked to play basketball. The kid started in all the games and he was the top scorer. One game he was running down the court and he fell and hurt his ankle. He told his mom that he hurt his ankle really bad and she said he wouldn’t be able to play basketball any more that season. So the kid didn’t want not to be able to play anymore so he played the games anyway even though his ankle hurt. So after he played his game his ankle hurt even more than before so he went to the doctor with his mom to see what was wrong with his ankle. The doctor told him that his ankle was sprained that it was better not to play basketball anymore. He went home and he told his mom he was still gonna play. His mom let him anyway because she thought nothing would happen. That game he played and then he fell and it hurt so his mom told him not to play and they went back to the doctors. The doctor said he broke hes ankle and that he for sure could not play anymore so he still went to watch games but he just didn’t play.

Photo by Rob Buenaventura

Photo by Rob Buenaventura

Speak up

Some people abuse children and there is sometimes nothing we can do about it. Kid all around the world get abused and they do nothing about it because they are scared. Kids don’t speak up because they are scared what will happen to them. Some kids can die because they get abused so badly. When kids are abused they are not always abused physically. Some kids are also abused verbally. Children die every day from abuse or neglect. 1,460 kids are abused each day. More children who are abused at the age of one or three or younger. Kids who don’t know how to speak up and tell someone they are getting verbally or psychically abused get even more abused because they wont do anything about it and is just letting the abuse happen. Other people cant speak even if they do know about the abuse because they are probably also scared of what will happen. Some kids who get abused refuse to talk about it and if they do they will tell a teacher. More teachers know about and report the abuse than other people. The abuser usually has a behavior disability or something that’s why they abuse there children. Every year 3 million reports happened in the us. The average abuse in age is four between seven years old. The us has more child abusers.

I am the same person online and offline. I say what I would say to people offline that I do online. Sometimes it is easier to say the stuff when u say it online. Also even tho it is easier to say it online I still say it to the person offline. Thats how i am online and offline